Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just two days ago I was feeling great. I was really excited about how well my embryo transfer went and overall just felt full of hope. But today, looking at the calendar at the long wait ahead of me I just don't know if I can make it. Has it really only been three days since my transfer?

I have so much to do at work and all I did today was stare at my computer screen and my plan book. And to top it off I feel super grouchy. It's not fun for anyone in second grade when the teacher is grouchy.

I know this is all from the PIO shots and all the other crap I'm on. Is this how I'm going to feel for the next two weeks? Will I get it all done?

Will I be judged if I don't do my best?

What if this doesn't work?


  1. Think positive thoughts, my dear! Stay in the moment. No need to think about what happens next yet.

  2. looks like we found ourselves in a similar place today. yes it very much is a roller coaster and yes, you will find hope some days too. and boooo to PIO! i'm using crinone... way better than PIO imho.

  3. stopping by from iclw...the 2ww requires me to always find some serious distractions! it's tough though! hoping your embryo is sticking already!

  4. Hello from ICLWland!

    Sending sticky, non-rollercoaster-of-hormones vibes your way!

  5. Hi from ICLW. I am useless during my 2ww. THe only thing that holds my attention is googling symptoms and how soon I can test :-). Good luck to you and I hope you get good news next week.

  6. Hi from ICLW! Sending you well wishes in your 2WW! Take it all one day at a a time!

  7. the two week wait is hell. pure and simple. sending you strength and peace to get through it :-)

  8. Hang in there! I know this is trite and you may want to punch everyone who offers this sage piece of advice, but take it minute by minute. Good luck!

  9. Hi Kate! Visiting from ICLW. Hope you've been able to distract yourself during the awful 2ww - I know it can be pure torture. Hang in there - huge *hugs* to you.

    ICLW #65

  10. The 2WW is the worst!!! Your emotions go up and down,

    Sending you lots of sticky dust for this cycle!!

    Happy ICLW #96