Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to Square One

Beta: 3.1
Doc says it's probably just left over HGC from the shot I had last week. I'm stopping all meds. I'm still pretty numb. I haven't cried yet. I do have a bottle on wine opened so I'm sure the tears will follow soon.
Not sure what to do now really. We leave for the States in three weeks. We'll visit family and friends for 8 weeks so I guess you can say that we'll have a forced break. I need it, I know I do. We will be getting a second (and possibly third) opinion while we are in NY. I feel like I need a straight talkin' New Yawker to tell me how it is. Sometimes I miss my people. By summer's end I'm sure I'll have some of my accent back.
We have so many different paths to choose from at this point. Which one is the right one?
Do we try a LESS aggressive approach and try Eastern medicine?
Do we look into using donor eggs? I'm only 35 and I'm borderline everything. But at the same time I'm just so ready. I'm tired of waiting.
Before I go I want to send a heartfelt thank you out into the universe to all the amazing people who have been wonderful supportive friends to me while I've been on this journey. To my husband who, even though it drives him crazy, let's me be the boss. To my mother and my aunt for their love and support. To my countless girlfriends (and my two favorite guyfriends) who, amazingly, alway know just what to say. I am so blessed to have so many strong women (and men) in my life. To my teaching team who have covered my ass at all the missed meetings. To my principal and assistant principal who have shown me kept me in their prayers since the beginning. I admire both of you. And to the housing director. It was not easy talking to him about my ovaries but he was so compassionate and understanding. He really kept my situation in mind when assigning housing to us for next year. Thank you

Update: half a glass of wine in mom called... tears.


  1. Oh Kate, I'm sorry that we're in thie boat together. I will be joining you in the wine fest as soon as I get home from work. I'm going to drown my sorrows in pepperoni pizza and red wine, both of which are very bad for me, but good for my soul. I'm looking forward to hearing about your second and third opinions. I think we are in a very similar boat.

    Let the tears flow. Its good to get it out of your soul.

  2. Always sending you love and confident that "it" will happen...whatever it is....'it' will happen. So, glad you were able to let down with your's do open our emotional faucets...