Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today I am 10 weeks. My babies are the size of prunes. In fact, I'd like to say that I even have a little bump but I know that whatever bump is there is likely due to the fact that I haven't pooped in 3 or 4 days. This morning's breakfast was raisin bran and PRUNES! Hopefully that'll get things moving. Some of my other symptoms include breast tenderness and occasional nausea. The nausea is triggered by heat and my heightened sense of smell. My breasts have gone up a full cup size! I had to go out a get new bras.
Yesterday I went in for some blood work that is part of the 12 week screening. I surprisingly haven't gained any weight yet. I hope that's ok.
In other news we still don't have Internet. Other than not being able to write proper blog posts regularly it hasn't been too bad being unplugged. We have enjoyed our visitors and focussed on getting the house decorated. Jason and I have a new love for antique/vintage shops. We found this old steam trunk from the 1920's that still has all the original drawers and hangers. It now serves as a side table to our new couch. Yesterday we found some gems at a shop in Superior. Our place is really beginning to look like ours. Next I've got to tackle to light fixtures.
So there is a bit of an update slowly pecked out one letter at a time on my iPhone. I'm so looking forward to my 12 week scan and doing my best to stay positive. I just keep telling myself that is is it. It's got to be it. These babies are my take home babies.


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  1. This is it for sure!! These are your take home babies!!! What excellent news!! I can sympathize your side effects...have you tried Miralax? It really helps!! And I wish I could tell you that goes away...I am 35 weeks with my duo and Miralax and Colace are my dear friends still (my OB had twins and said she swore by both her whole pregnancy also). Enjoy your summer and enjoy being year quiet time will be a thing of the past for both of us. :-)