Sunday, November 27, 2011

23rd Time's a Charm

That's what they say, right?

Continuing on my quest to stay positive as I gear up for my 23rd cycle and in the spirit of Thanksgiving here are 23 things I am grateful for.
1. My husband for being my perfect partner
2. My home for all its treasures
3. My job for the joy it brings me
4. My friends for knowing just what to say
5. Red Wine for the way it makes me feel
6. Color for the way it makes me feel
7. My Persian carpets for their beauty
8. My bed for its marshmallowy-ness
9. Pinterest for how it inspires me
10. My body for doing what it's supposed to do
11. Yangzom for being so much more than a housekeeper
12. Famous Doctor in NY for answering all of my questions
13. Delhi Doctor for her calm
14. Our summer home in MN for its peacefulness
15. My mom and dad for being so supportive
16. My 15 followers for making me feel like someone is out there
17. Christmas decorations because it's the most wonderful time of the year
18. Growing things on the balcony
19. Eating meals with friends and family
20. My two favorite babies, Ezra and Cedric
21. So You Think You Can Dance (we're a whole season behind so don't reveal the winner)
22. My principals for being so understanding of my unique needs
23. Natural IUI for making me feel less crazy and more hopeful.

So here's to a 2WW of full of hope and gratitude...


  1. Dear Kate, Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. YOU are an inspiration. I will be wishing and hoping and pleading that THIS is the one that brings you the joy you deserve!!! Bernadette xoxoxo

  2. Much love to you from Ezra and Cedric! They're hoping for tiny neighbors.

  3. Heart filled with hope and love for you!