Saturday, August 18, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We've been back in Delhi for about three weeks.  And in our usual fashion we hit the ground running.  About 24 hours after our arrival we were gathering for our first faculty meeting where my principal announced my pregnancy to all of the elementary school teachers, many of whom knew of our struggles to conceive.  When I stood up and said that we were expecting two babies in January the whole room erupted in applause.  Of course, I cried.  It felt so good to be there standing in front of my colleagues who are really so much more.  I am so honored to be surrounded by such warm and supportive people. 

Telling a room full of people, also, scared the shit out of me, but, that wasn't the end of telling for me.  A week later I had to tell my students' parents.  The most terrifying experience of telling, however, was when I had to tell a room full of 7 year olds.  All I could think of was, "what if something happens, I'm only 15 weeks?"  There's nothing like a blind leap of faith to lift your spirits.  Since I've told I can't help but enjoy being pregnant.  It's wonderful, except for the severe constipation, food aversions and middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.  I still have those moments when I worry something will go wrong, but, the moments are fleeting.  I know that's just part of the journey and I allow my self to feel whatever  comes my way so that I can work through it and get back to enjoying being pregnant.  

Now, inspired by Tippy the trailblazer, my stats:

Status: 16w3d

Weight Gain:  I think this week is the first week I have actually gained any weight.  My first 13 or 14 weeks of pregnancy I didn't have much of an appetite. I didn't lose any weight but I have been noticing my face getting thinner.  I'm sure that's about to change.  :)

Symptoms: As I mention earlier,  I am suffering from some severe constipation.  This last stretch was 5 days!  I take citrocel and drink lots of water but it doesn't seem to help.  This morning I finally had a cup of coffee to get things moving.  It worked but then I felt like a terrible mother.  I know it's ok to have a bit of caffeine but I'm so not used to it that I ended up feeling like I had a whole pot.  I couldn't help but wonder what my babies felt. 

Cravings:  These have remained consistent from day one, ice-cream and fruit of any kind.  

Aversions: Onions, although I recently had some salsa for the first time and enjoyed it.  Anything bitter, I took a bite of something bitter in a soup I was enjoying and it was totally ruined for me.  The smell of alcohol is unbearable.  Pork or chicken, I've pretty much become a vegetarian when I need protein the most.  In general, food is just weird for me these days.  I don't know when an aversion will strike so I eat whatever I can when I'm feeling hungry and make sure I take my prenatal every day.  

Exercise:  I've been thinking about calling my yoga instructor.  Does that count?  No, really I will now that work has settled down a bit.  

Best Moment of the Week: Today was a good day.  We had a relaxing morning before we went in to the birthing center for some blood work.  Then we went to the mall for some preliminary baby shopping.  I've been in that baby store so many times, but, it was always for someone else.  This time it was for us! 

What I Look Forward to: Wearing some of the cute maternity clothes I got today.  And maybe, just maybe feeling my babies move in the next couple of weeks.  

And Finally, the Bump:


  1. Love this update! So much to be happy about.

    I too remember a big aversion to onions. Those things just stink like nothing else! Well, maybe except bad body odor, cigarette smoke and bad breath on the person behind or next to you on the bus. ;)

    Can't wait to see you in the maternity clothes.

  2. Cute cute bump!!!! Glad you're doing well!!!

  3. Hi Kate Didnt want to publish your number on my comments page. Thanks so much for your offer of help so appreciate it!!
    Hope you are feeling well yourself!!! Will keep you posted and thanks again - very kind of you!!! Talk soon, Karen