Saturday, August 11, 2012

One of Our Own

I know many of you, dear readers, know Bernadette, but some of you may not.  I started reading her blog about a year ago.  After many years of struggling with infertility she and her husband turned to India for help and stepped onto the path of surrogacy.
On their first attempt they had the help of a donor and two surrogates.  Their first attempt failed.  On their second attempt they also had the help of a donor and two surrogates.  This time they were successful.  One surrogate was carrying twins and the other a singleton.  Unfortunately, the singleton, who they affectionately nicknamed Ken, was lost late in the first trimester.  Then at 29 weeks her twins were born, one boy and one girl.  As any mother would, Bernadette rescheduled all her travel arrangements and got on a plane and came straight to India 10 weeks before she had planned.
The twins, although early, were a very good weight.  It seemed that it would only be a few weeks that they would be in the NICU.  It seemed that their trials and tribulations would be over soon.  It seemed that their perfect little family would live happily ever after.  At that was true, for the lovely Princess Scarlett.  She did leave the NICU just a few weeks after she was born. But here we are more than 130 days later and Hayden, aka Master Cheeks, is still struggling.  He's still on oxygen, he's still in need of constant medical care.
During her time here in India Bernadette has become the unofficial welcoming committee of every IP that lands in Delhi.  She organizes dinners and shopping trips.  She introduces people and is just a constant source of strength and a know how for families on similar journeys. If you need a cheerleader, she's your girl.  If you need to know where to buy formula or have a prescription filled in the middle of the night, you can count on Bernadette.  She does all this with grace and style and with a sharp sense of humor.  She does all this while caring for her little princess.  She does all this in between trips to the NICU to visit Master Cheeks.
She has done so much for our community.  It's time to do something for her.  In order to get this perfect little family home Cheeks will need a medical team to accompany him on the flight back to the States.  Let's give them their happily ever after.  Please donate whatever you can to... 
All donations will go directly to Bernadette and Duane.  

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