Friday, May 18, 2012

To Test or Not to Test?

I'm 4dp5dt.  The first few days after my transfer I was feeling like total shit, headache, mild cramping and moodiness.  Today, I feel nothing.  Well I'm a little moody but I think that's just end of the year stress.

I have one HPT from America that should be pretty reliable early and I have 2 or 3 from the local chemist which won't be as reliable.
So the question is, do I test this weekend? If so, should it be Saturday or Sunday?
Do I wait? If so, until when?


  1. Oh geez, sounds like I'm going to keep you occupied this weekend!!! Too early-- no need for the extra stress!

  2. We loved being able to home test. Ours showed up 5dp6dt. The earlier one maybe had something (we couldn't see it in the photo she sent) but at 11 it was very obvious. Fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

  3. The truth is you really want to test! Its so hard to wait. So take the plunge n test because if you don't you will keep thinking bout it anyway. Goodluck.

  4. Thank goodness we have a surrogate because if I was trying to carry a baby myself, I would have been testing and obsessing after the first day! That said, it probably is still too early. It could be a false negative or it could be a false positive and your head is gonna be spinning either way!

  5. I say wait, but I'm extreme, even at 34 weeks pregnant, I still have not peed on a stick!!!:) thinking of you.